Pancake Recipe From Scratch

This Low Carb Pancake recipe from scratch is DELICIOUS!

Breakfast is a pretty big thing in this apt.  Every single morning we take time to sit with each other and eat.  It’s nice.  I usually fix a killer goat cheese omelet and turkey bacon.  After all,  breakfast IS the most important meal of the day – RIGHT?

Now, time for this wicked awesome and extremely easy pancake recipe.  I’ve decided to go out of the bacon and eggs box and whip up something special for my special someone.  This is such a simple pancake recipe that my someone special always likes to help out.  (That’s how easy it is.)

This recipe makes about 14 silver dollar low carb pancakes.  You can, of course, double the recipe if you’d like.  Heat a stove-top skillet, then spray with cooking spray so the pancakes don’t stick.  First, whisk the eggs then add in the ricotta. (yes ricotta cheese) After they have combined nicely, add the whey protein powder; I use vanilla or chocolate.  Chocolate has become our favorite but will add 1 carb per serving (totally worth it if you ask me).  You can find the whey protein at your local health food store, GNC or Vitamin World.  Finish by adding the baking powder and salt. Stir until all is combined and smooth.  It’ll be a thin batter.  Pour the amount of your liking onto to the heated skillet.  I usually have about 4 of them going at the same time.

Once you see the little bubbles appear they are ready to be flipped.  Another 30 seconds or so and you’ve got yourself some tasty low carb ricotta pancakes.

Pancake Recipe From Scratch

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! We still have toppings to add!  Our favorite toppings are sugar free raspberry jam and regular or chocolate ready whip.  Both are very low in carbs per serving.

We also found that if you have a couple left over, you can stick them in the fridge and eat them as little low carb snacks.  You can heat them up in your toaster oven or eat them cold with a dollop of whip cream.  De-Lish!

Recipe:  Low Carb Ricotta Pancakes

Yields 14 pancakes

2 eggs

½ cup ricotta cheese

¼ cup of whey protein (you can choose the flavor)

½ tsp of baking powder

A pinch of salt

.6 grams of carbs each plus whatever toppings you choose