No Carb, No Sugar Ice Cream

Tell me who on a LCD doesn’t like coming across a no carb, no sugar ice cream recipe?  Well this girl does and I have THE recipe for you!

Hold all phone calls!  Lock the door!  Put down your blinds!  Yes – here it is – for all you on low carb diets – here it is!  Here is a so, so, so delicious recipe for low carb – wait, what I mean is NO CARB AND SUGAR FREE ice cream!!!  There isn’t really anything else I can say except for YUM!  I really hope you enjoy this EASY and SIMPLE recipe.

No Carb, No Sugar Ice CreamBring water to a boil and stir in flavored gelatin packet. Stir the gelatin while boiling for 30-60 seconds or until completely dissolved. Pour the hot mixture straight into your square storage dish.

Add cream to the hot mixture and stir until the mixture has a lightened, milky tone throughout.  Refrigerate mixture for at least two hours. Be sure to keep uncovered.  Once the dessert has set firm, cover with lid and set in freezer at least one hour before serving. Remove from freezer, add some Ready Whip and enjoy every second of the yumminess!

Recipe:  No Carb, No Sugar Ice Cream

3/4 cup water

1 1/4 cup heavy cream

1 .30 oz sugar free flavored gelatin

Now, you can pick up the phone and share with your friends all the goodness that this no carb, no sugar ice cream recipe offers!!!