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So a little about me. (that’s why you’re visiting this page, right?)
I live in NYC with my boyfriend in a cute (read cozy) loft in the East Village.

When I met my guy, he was on this crazy low carb kick. But after I saw the results, I was a believer!
The only problem with a low carb diet is that it can get pretty boring. He didn’t mind much, but I sure did.

I decided there had to be other flavorful recipes out there, and since I love cooking, I knew I could find recipes that were both yummy and low carb.
After a LOT of research, I started experimenting and came up with some creative recipes that tasted amazing, but were still low carb.

This blog is a combination of those recipes, along with some tips I learned on how to prepare them.
I hope you enjoy it!


We’ve moved from our tiny East Village loft apt to a Florida beach living loft apt.  Still living a low carb lifestyle.  You will see me introducing Paleo into my blog because that’s how we’ve adapted to sunny south Florida.  The fruit down here is ridiculously amazing!

You will also find some inspirational recipes from fellow bloggers as well as trips we’ve taken from around the world.

I’m glad you’ve stayed loyal as followers and thanks for all your support!


– Linda