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So a little about me. (that’s why you’re visiting this page, right?)
I live in NYC with my boyfriend in a cute (read cozy) loft in the East Village.

When I met my guy, he was on this crazy low carb kick. But after I saw the results, I was a believer!
The only problem with a low carb diet is that it can get pretty boring. He didn’t mind much, but I sure did.

I decided there had to be other flavorful recipes out there, and since I love cooking, I knew I could find recipes that were both yummy and low carb.
After a LOT of research, I started experimenting and came up with some creative recipes that tasted amazing, but were still low carb.

This blog is a combination of those recipes, along with some tips I learned on how to prepare them.
I hope you enjoy it!

- Leigh