Pancake Recipe From Scratch

simple pancake recipe

This Low Carb Pancake recipe from scratch is DELICIOUS! Breakfast is a pretty big thing in this apt.  Every single morning we take time to sit with each other and eat.  It’s nice.  I usually fix a killer goat cheese omelet and turkey bacon.  After all,  breakfast IS the most important meal of the day […]

How the paleo diet evolved into a cult of nonsense


By S.E. Smith on You can find the full article here. The 20th century was an exciting time for fad diets, including the byzantine, the bizarre, and the utterly nonsensical. One such diet started cropping up in the 1960s, alongside the back to the land movement: An early form of what we call the “paleo” […]

Low Carb Lunchables

cucumber plant

Ever open up your fridge and sigh real hard.  Stare into the fridge and say “I have nothing to eat.”  Well that has happened to me on numerous occasions.  Like last weekend, I had solely cucumbers, deli meat, deli cheese, spicy mustard and some creamer in my fridge.  I thought to myself “really”???  I then […]

Taste the Rainbow

taste the rainbow

Skittles.  I loved and ate so many skittles growing up as a kid.  I even had a cat named Skittles.  Now, as an adult my stomach can’t handle all the processed sugar.  So one day I searched for Paleo snacks.  And low and behold I stumbled onto this website.  She has an enormous list of […]

Garlic Cheesy Bread – The Low Carb Kind

cauliflower pizza crust

First question?  Who likes garlic cheesy bread sticks?  Second question?  Are you on low carb diet? If your answer is yes to both then I have found a recipe for you! I’m a sucker for cheese and garlic and mix that with a toasted crust of cauliflower and I’m an even bigger sucker.  Found this […]

Changing the Way We Think About the Low Carb Diet

low carb meals

I personally think it’s a choice.  If you’ve tried low carb dieting and it works, you choose to stay with it because it works for your lifestyle and your body.  Not only is it a choice it’s also a commitment.  The author speaks truth about how everyone has tried the LCD because of it being […]